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What to do about tic douloureux
Do I need a referral from a primary to get an appointment?
I have chroni hip pain due to a fall about ayear and a half ago. i have had injections to no avail.
I have previously had a pneumothorax on both left and right lung. I had a (forgive my spelling) plur
Can you recommend a pain clinic with similar philosophy and expertise as yours that is nearer to Med
Are you aware that your website has some functionality flaws? The given email address to contact yo
What Is A Sprained Ankle And How Is It Treated?
What Is Tylenol?
Can Aspirin have negative side effects?
Why does my leg hurt?
Why do I have headaches?
Are illegal drugs illegal to use?
Does Aspirin really help treat pain?
What are bone nodules and why do they cause pain?
Why do headaches pound?
I recently started experiencing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and want to know why it hurts my wrists?
My back was hurt in an accident. It hurts more when I sit down and relax. Shouldn't the pain go away
I'm amazed at his humility, honor, and sense of humor.
He is very professional and has extensive education in pain management
My deepest thank you and appreciation for your medical knowledge, expertise and most of all for your
Words cannot express how deeply thankful I am for your loving care…
You were able to give me more information about my condition in the few minutes I spent with you tha
Your bedside manner and tolerance have far exceeded every doctor I've ever seen
You are a brilliant and wonderful Doctor
Thank you for being such a super Doctor
Thanks so much for never giving up on me
You have truly given us our husband and Daddy back
He says besides 1 to 2 days of soreness from the procedure, it has worked wonderfully
Just a note to say thanks for your care and attention
Thank you for making my neck and headaches better
You exemplify all the qualities of an excellent doctor
If it were not for your devoted skilled treatments [my husband and I] would both be in wheelchairs
The Utah Pain Specialist clinic staff are some of the finest medical care givers
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